This page will help you generate your orders and estimates for wooden wagon wheels.

The orders and estimates tool below will guide you through choosing and selecting the right combination of components to make your ideal wagon wheels based on the features that we offer.

link arrow If you would like to order or get an estimate on one or more of our standard wheels use the orders and estimates tool below to add items to your basket.
link arrow If you would like a wheel not covered by our standard range, please make sure the custom option is selected in the tool below.
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link arrow  Orders & Estimates - please use the tool below to configure orders and estimates for standard wheels, or custom sized wheels where each available component can be individually adjusted to your preferred combination. Add each wheel into your shopping basket and then click the View Basket or Checkout tab above where you can either place an order or get an estimate, and from there you can print or email these to yourself by following the instructions and prompts. Delivery costs will be worked out on the view basket page by identifying your delivery area, with help from the validate postcode tool.

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link arrow  Standard wheels - these are pre-designed wheels and offer three standard diameters with a choice of 8, 10 or 12 spokes and will give well portioned wheels similar to the wagon wheels from the days of the American Wild West. The wheels are light and elegant looking, but maintain distinct proportions for a traditional wagon wheel. Component sizes includes a 30 mm wide (the part in contact with the ground) by 38 mm deep rim, 28 mm by 22 mm chamfered and shaped spokes, an 80 mm to 100 mm diameter hub dependent on wheel diameter and a 25 mm diameter axle hole for all three sizes. All standard wheels are made for light practical use and should be loaded to a maximum of 90 kilogrammes or 200 pounds per wheel when installed on a horizontal axle. If you will be loading to the advised maximum we recommend adding a steel tyre.

text arrow  Custom wheels - the tool above allows you to adjust all permissible component parts of the wheel so that it can be designed to your exact requirements. As a word of advice we recommend using more spokes for larger wheels and so the custom wheel range is 8 to 16 spokes. More spokes will also give a stronger and more durable wheel.
We have limited the maximum diameter to 1160 mm as this is the largest size we can deliver without incurring over-size charges from our courier. All diameters over 11160 mm will have to be priced separately as the over-size charges must be individually applied, which may require pallet delivery for large wheels or orders.
Sizing the rim and hub correctly has the greatest effect on the wheel's appearance. We suggest making the rims 10 mm deeper than the width, and the hub diameter at least 10% of the wheel diameter plus 20 mm so a 1000 mm diameter wheel hub would be 10% of 1000 = 100 mm plus 20 mm = 120 mm diameter hub.
We hope this custom wheel tool will cater for the majority of customised wheel requirements.

However, if you require a wheel outside of the choices offered above, please send your exact requirements as per the parameters in the tool above and include your delivery postcode in an email clearly stating all sizes you want and we will return you an estimate. Please keep in mind that large component sizes (timber, steel and rubber) often come at a premium cost, as does the delivery on large and heavy items.