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There are many uses for wooden wagon wheels with the only limit being that of the imagination. Some of the many ways customer's have put our wooden wheels to use can be seen below, along with additional possibilities shown on our photos page.

Wagon wheel gate
Wagon wheel in garden gate
Wooden wheel on cart
Wooden wagon wheels on cart
Wooden wagon wheel wagon
A beautiful covered wagon
Wagon wheel art
Wooden wheels wall art

Decorative Wheels manufacture and sell wooden wagon wheels and wooden wheels products, which can be used for ornamental and light practical use.

All of our products are hand crafted in the Cotswolds and then delivered by courier direct to the customer's chosen destination. The wagon wheels are made from attractive hardwood, and will look good anywhere in the home, garden, on carts, chandeliers etc. Click here for further ideas on where to use wheels.

Please visit our shop for a selection of pre-designed wooden wagon wheels, or the custom designed wooden wheels where you can configure wheels to your exact liking.